Trash Dollys receive Dance Village 2015 Co-Commission

Photo: Trash Dollys Dance Theatre ‘Walter’. Copyright Mark Simmons

Dance Village is delighted to announce that Trash Dollys have won selection for this year’s R&D Commission and will be developing ‘Cape Alley’ to premiere as an outdoors work at Dance Village 2015.

Co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW), Bristol City Council (BCC) & Swindon Dance, ‘Cape Alley’ transports the audience to a nether world of dereliction, where a rag tag band of outlaws dance to their own strange tune. Fluidly fusing breaking with contemporary dance, Trash Dollys unique and noir tinged aesthetic brings an enigmatic, cinematic sensibility to dance theatre.

Dance Village regulars saw Trash Dollys’ ‘Walter’ in 2014 and dedicated audiences may remember seeing Trash Dollys’ members in Wilkie Branson’s Dance Village Commission. We are thrilled to be continuing the relationship with a company that bring such unique flair to the region.

‘Cape Alley’ was first developed at Breakin Convention’s ‘Back to the Lab‘. 

Meet the Trash Dollys here

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