Dance Village Viral 2014

It’s Here!

To launch this year’s programme at Dance Village we invited New Art Club, this year’s dance comperes, to make a dance that captures the spirit of our city – fondly known as ‘the camper van at the end of festival season’, or more officially, as a hub of creation and innovation.

Armed with a suitable amount of drum and bass courtesy of local artist Makala Cheung, New Art Club set about their task, adding a touch of Banxy balloon here, a Suspension Bridge there and avoiding all reference to seagulls.

People joined us over two glorious June days and the result is here for you to enjoy and share.

The film will be shown on the BIg Screen over the weekend of the Festival, 19 & 20 July. We expect you to join in!

UPDATE 10 June

Just your average day in the office….on a rooftop, on a ferry, in some fountains and at Bristol Community Dance Centre. We filmed a pirate, 3rd Stage Dance Company members, Desiree the Sugar Plum Fairy, escapee Council Officers, an unwitting Theatre Bristol Producer (i owe you!) Kinesis Dance Company and Foundation Dance Degree students, unsuspecting ferry passengers on the boat that really did rock and very many willing and wonderful members of our great general public.

Tomorrow we’re in Primary schools working with My Future, My Choice on a Young Shipwrights scheme to work the wobbly sea legs theme, then a brief visit to Castle Park to capture the circus spirit and on to finish with the fantastic fierceness that is Hype Dance Company.

Check back in two weeks for the official viral.

Amazing day team: New Art Club, Lisa May Thomas, Gary Thomas and Owen Benson, onwards and upwards like the Banksy balloon!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 20.29.50photoScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 20.26.57Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 20.27.32

To celebrate the joys of dance and the uniquely quirky character of our city, Dance Village is working with New Art Club to share the viral love in a short dance film.

There will be two public filming shoots, 1 – 2pm Tuesday 10 June at Millennium Square and Wednesday 11 June 4.45 – 5.45 pm at Castle Park.
Join us by registering via email to – the choreography will be available online over the weekend before. It will be simple, straightforward and probably a touch daft!